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 Mission Progress 
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Post Mission Progress
Just a report to show how far I have been able to take my mission progress.
Will update as I progress through the game.

Mission (8-2).
You are able to accept the mission, but Drake Fang does not supply any details.

Rise of Zilart:
Mission 15.
After killing the Ark Angels, you're supposed to report to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh does not acknowledge your presence or the fact that the Angels have been defeated, not allowing you to progress any further.

Chains of Promathia:
Mission (4-1).
The conversation with Justinius is nothing significant and when interacting with the Dilapidated Gate, nothing happens.


People are asking how I completed the
Ark Angels fight.
I did it through the Divine Might path.

If you would like the item (Ark Pentasphere) to complete this quest, contact me in-game. (Dustin/Phorcys)


In Rise of Zilart, Mission 9 (ZM9), Ro'Maeve, there is an optional dialogue with Aldo in Lower Jeuno.
There is a requirement for the cut-scene to take place, which is currently be Rank 5 in the nation you are aligned with. I was Bastok, Rank 7 at the time.

This is the dialogue that should occur:

Aldo: Oh, it's you. I see that you made it out of there alive.

Aldo: Me? I'm fine, but Verena's been unconscious since we returned. Come with me.

Aldo: From what I see, her mind's been poisoned. I never knew that Eald'narche had that kind of power...

Aldo: Now that you mention it, I hardly know anything about him.

Aldo: I guess I never really thought that I needed to know. If I got what I wanted, I was happy.


Aldo: Verena!

Aldo: Do you know who I am, Verena?

Verena: Aldo? Yes, I'm alright...

Aldo: So, do you remember what happened in the Stellar Fulcrum?

Verena: Not really... It was all like watching a play...

Aldo: I see...

Verena: I was controlled by the...the Shadow Lord's sheer will...

Aldo: You don't have to say any more. It's all over now. And I thank the heavens that you're back here safe with me.

Verena: Aldo...

Aldo: I appreciate you traveling here, Player name. However, I don't know if I can carry on this game with Eald'narche anymore.


This is by no means a crucial error, just posting for the sake of perfection and getting all content available.

Bastok Mission (7-2)

After completing the mission your order are:
Take the letter to Gumbah in Bastok Mines who is at (J-7) inside a house on the southern side of the upper walkway. You may have to speak with him two times to get a cutscene (will also get a key item Letter from Zeid if you haven't before). After the cutscene, the mission will be considered complete.
You could also take the letter to Gumbah before talking to the President, although you will still only receive the reward after speaking with the President.
After receiving Rank 8, you may visit Cornelia's room and get an additional cutscene with her about the other Cornelia and Raogrimm. (Her room is behind the President in Bastok Metalworks: (K-8) through the door labeled "Door: President's Office.")

You will not recieve the "Letter from Zeid."
This is normal, and will not hinder your ability to complete the mission.

Chains of Promathia (2-2)

I received no cut-scene with Despachiaire.

Chains of Promathia (3-3)

When examining the "Loose Sand," Lioumere spawned invisible with only the name visible, and stayed this way whole throughout the entire battle.


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Post Re: Mission Progress
How did you get to the ark angels Phor? Laloff amphiteater isnt loading any battlefields when on them.

02 Mar 2013, 04:07
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Post Re: Mission Progress
pjt318 wrote:
How did you get to the ark angels Phor? Laloff amphiteater isnt loading any battlefields when on them.

I have now included my instructions on how I completed the mission within the original post.


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03 Mar 2013, 23:38
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