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Donations , Item REWARDS
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Author: mvd87 [ 17 Oct 2013, 12:01 ]
Post subject: Donations , Item REWARDS

all items are open for sale now

allppl that donate to help us out will get items rewards depending on there donation

most soa items are done and will be in game by events today

so im going to work on the new se update items now,

like the new relic 99-3 and 99-4 weapons and new armor

mail me here or come on irc to make a deal or to know what you get for donating and helping us out

greets michael

and thanx again you all for helping out so far

Author: mvd87 [ 17 Oct 2013, 12:06 ]
Post subject: Re: Donations , Item sale count


into your browser to be be on our main donation page

for item sale, mail me or contact me on irc so we can make a sweet deal for you

since i notice alot of you all where interrested in this option it will stay open

greets michael

Author: mvd87 [ 13 Dec 2013, 07:41 ]
Post subject: Re: Donations , Item REWARDS

oke all new relic 99-3 and 99-4 are done,

im working on the new mythic and emp weapons atm

for the ppl that wanted to donate for items contact me on irc or mail me so we can make a deal for it.

if items arent in you can always order them so i will make them for you

all items that i wil make will come in game once i have them all done and will be in as trials or quests.

only it will take some time since i need to write that all out and it ill take time toi get them once they are in,

so ppl that donate will get things faster and easyer but i will make sure it al comes in normally in time also


Author: shenji [ 15 Dec 2013, 13:10 ]
Post subject: Re: Donations , Item REWARDS

sweet cant wait

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