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SOA HIGH dmg weapon trial!!
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Author: mvd87 [ 15 Nov 2013, 12:33 ]
Post subject: SOA HIGH dmg weapon trial!!

no need to activate the trial (just start killing)

oke i made a trial like relics are made for this weapons:

Senbaak Nagan +1
Razorfury +1
atinian staff +1

since i used party mobs i made the kills low cause ONLY the one that deals the killing blow will get the kill count for the trial

mobs needed to kill for event:

amphitrite 3 KILLS
azdaja 3 KILLS
alfard 3 KILLS
hedjedjet 3 KILLS
Orthrus 3 KILLS
Xibalba 3 KILLS
Shinryu 5 KILLS

once you have all the kills needed go to:

-- Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
-- NPC: Magian_Moogle
-- End Trial

you need to trade a amount of lightning crystals in order to get the weapon you want:

Tsurumaru 1 lightning crystal + enough kills
buramenk'ah 2 lightning crystals + enough kills
Izhiikoh 3 lightning crystals + enough kills
Senbaak Nagan +1 4 lightning crystals + enough kills
Razorfury +1 5 lightning crystals + enough kills
Oatixur 6 lightning crystals + enough kills
upukirex 7 lightning crystals + enough kills
atinian staff +1 8 lightning crystals + enough kills

so example:

you want a senbaak and you have enough kills then go to magian moogle and trade it 4 lighting crystal and it will give you the senbaak

you cant do more thne one trial at a time cause all kills will be rest once you get your weapon of choose

any quistions then let me know on irc or on here

greets michael

* after a new reboot the trial wil be in

Author: gomagoma [ 20 Apr 2014, 06:39 ]
Post subject: Re: SOA HIGH dmg weapon trial!!

I made a trial like relics are made for this weapons.

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