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安装FFXI登陆私服的办法OF Fantasy World server
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Author: pop [ 11 Dec 2013, 08:32 ]
Post subject: 安装FFXI登陆私服的办法OF Fantasy World server

安装登陆私服的办法OF Fantasy World server

Welcome, this is the guide, if you need help on the guide contact me on irc,do step 31 first

如果你没有游戏 请先下载游戏,文件大小5-6G
if you dont have the game: download it using bittorrent or utorrent at: ... a-edition/ (美国网站下载地址)

115网盘下载 : (中国网站下载地址)

(美国网站下载地址安装办法) 运行“ FINALFANTASYXIUCAE.exe ” 。解压缩下载文件并开始安装Playonline,最终幻想XI ,一直选择“下一步”就好了。
Run “FINALFANTASYXIUCAE.exe”. This will uncompress the digital download files and begin installing Playonline Viewer, Final Fantasy XI, and each expansion. It will ask you to select “next” a few times for each installation.
自动安装 最后一节是女神之翼。
The order installed is automated, after it installs one the next will start soonafter. Keep doing so until it installs everything (Wings of the Goddess expansion will be last to install).

(中国网站下载地址) 解压后打开ffxi_install这个文件夹,并运行里面的“安装FFXI.cmd” 执行安装(执行以后客户端自动添加到E盘,所以保证你的E盘有足够的空间来保存游戏客户端)
之后来到这个路径下E:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix 运行 注册FFXI.bat

1 。安装PlayOnline ,最终幻想XI ,包括女神之翼资料篇
(1) Install PlayOnline, Final Fantasy XI, and then all the expansions (including Wings of the Goddess).
2 。运行PlayOnline ,更新。(中文下载可暂时不用更新,)
(2) Run PlayOnline and let it update.
3 。关闭PlayOnline
(3) Close PlayOnline viewer.
4. 下载文件群:241930320共享文件有下载)
(4) Download the following file:
5. 解压到 c:\program files\PlayOnline\Squareenix\Final Fantasy XI.
中文网站下载的 也是解压到上面那个文件夹。
(5) Extract its contents to your c:\program files\PlayOnline\Squareenix\Final Fantasy XI.

6 。运行PlayOnline再次选择PlayOnline(蓝色球的那个EXE)
(6)Run PlayOnline again and choose For PlayOnline Members
7 。在添加成员页面中输入会员名称。(选择add Member)
(7)At the Add Member page enter something for the Member Name.
8 。输入ABCD1234的PlayOnline ID
(8)Enter ABCD1234 for the PlayOnline ID
9 。选择Register,确定。
(9)Select Register, Yes, OK.
10 。选择检查文件在屏幕的左侧。(不知道干嘛,忽略 POP注)
(10)Select Check Files on the left of the screen.
11 。点击PlayOnline,(蓝色球)。
然后选择 check files
然后选择FINAL FANTASY XI 之后选择check files

(11) Click on PlayOnline Viewer then select Final Fantasy XI from the drop down, then Check Files.

12 。大概需要7个小时更新(好像只要3-4个小时)
12. After the 7 or so hours of updating, FFXI should be up to date.

13 。退出PlayOnline
(13)Exit PlayOnline Viewer.
14 。复制数据文件夹中
C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\data to the Final Fantasy XI directory
到 C:\Program Files\PlayOnline \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI.
(14) Copy the data folder at C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\data to the Final Fantasy XI directory at C:\Program Files\PlayOnline \SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI.
15. 之后你应该有C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\data.
15. Afterwards you should have the directory C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\data.
22 。使用FFXI登陆器
(22)use the ffxi-boot client
just put the files from within the ffxi-boot folder to your instal dir in:
打开FFXI - boot.ini设置您的用户名和密码和IP服务器
and change the ffxi-boot.ini with you username and password and the ip for the server
it should look like this:

SERVIP = (私服IP地址)
USERNAME = username(自设用户名)
PASSWORD = password (自设密码)

## VERSION can be NA,EU or JP. This needs to reflect the POL version you have installed.
X_RES = 1024
Y_RES = 768

change username and password with yours

23 。用户名和密码应该超过6个字符长。
(23) The username and password should be over 6 characters long.

24 。您可以保存用户名和密码进入FFXI - BOOT.INI 。(可忽略步骤 pop注)
24. You can save the username and password into the ffxi-boot.ini.

25 。运行ffxi-boot.exe (输入1 回车,然后输入设置好的ID和密码
25. Choose option 1; Login using existing account

26 。登录用户名和密码。
26. Login with username and password.

27 。 FFXI加载,并在启动在屏幕上。
27. FFXI should load and be on the splash screen. Choose Accept.

28 。创建人物,选择一个国家,然后选择Yes(是)注册,并开始发挥作用。
28. Create a Character, Select a Country, then choose Yes to Register and begin play.

29 。有时候会卡在进入游戏画面1或2次,不用担心两三次以后每次都会正常了。
29. it could happen that it gets stuck 1 or 2 time right before going into the game,but dont worry it will do it perfectly the second or third time and from then it will load normally everytime
30.if you get MSVCR100.dll is missing you need to download one of the two:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) ... px?id=5555

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) ... x?id=14632

如果你没有得到接受10093 。
and if you get failed accept 10093.
you didnt run it as admin on vista.
or you didnt copy the data folder.
or you have to uninstall .and then instal and update it again :(

(31)contact me on irc: #fantasyworld if you're familiar with IRC.
If you're not:
Web chat:
or Fullscreen web chat:

Pick a nick, password and auth don't matter much unless you know how to register your username and already have. (aks on irc how to reg your username)
Click Connect.
Enter the following: /join #fantasyworld

to get:
得到所有地图all maps
得到副职unlock subjob
得到所有职业unlock all jobs
所有水晶点all gate crystals
剩下的你都懂不翻译了all whispers
all 3 nation rings
airpass,airpass kazham
Boarding Permit

all when you start the game.

talk to one of my little helpers :P

1: at bastok mines/ just talk to dry bones at h-7 to get all
2: at windurst walls/ just talk to anini at H-5 to get all
3: at north san d'oria/ just talk to anilla at J-8 to get all

开启所有职业包括副职。去bastok J-8 有个猫女与他对话就可以开启所有职业包括副职。
for the summoners to get all avatars:

talk to valeri in bastok mines at J-8 to get all avatars (not yet diabolos cause its not ready)

you will also get 80 slots of inventory when you have created a character :)
前进吧 骚年。。。。。。。。。

Author: gomagoma [ 25 Apr 2014, 07:00 ]
Post subject: Re: 安装FFXI登陆私服的办法OF Fantasy World server

This will uncompress the digital download files.

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