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Ancient Beastcoin Items Quest
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Author: iPhorcys [ 01 Mar 2013, 05:08 ]
Post subject: Ancient Beastcoin Items Quest

The following items will be the rewards for this quest:
Boxer's Mantle
Brutal Earring
Gunner's Mantle
Loquacious Earring
Musical Earring
Stealth Earring
Charger Mantle
Flawless Ribbon
Jaeger Mantle

To obtain these items, you will need to acquire 10 Mulcibar's Scoria..

This item is dropped off of Pandemonium Warden. (Up to 2 per kill)

After obtaining 10 Mulcibar's Scoria, contact Phorcys in-game to redeem your item(s).

Author: gomagoma [ 28 Apr 2014, 04:22 ]
Post subject: Re: Ancient Beastcoin Items Quest

To obtain these items, you will need to acquire.

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