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Author: mvd87 [ 28 Jan 2014, 06:59 ]
Post subject: The Team / how to contact us

hey you all my name is michael im the owner of ffxi and WoW servers

if you all need me just contact me here on the forum (mvd87) with anything you need.

WoW Game info:


me with 2 characters named: DarkAngel and Mvd1987
Elrosith88 with 2 characters named: Kaziyo Elrosith

contact us if you need any in game help.

for quick help you can always contact us on irc

click the chat option above in the board index


contact me on irc trough a client like MIRC:

if you're familiar with IRC:
Channel: #fantasyworld

If you're not:
Web chat:
or Fullscreen web chat:

Pick a nickname
channel: #fantasyworld
click connect
(my name is mvd1987 on irc)

have fun you all :)

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