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Donations / Item and Gold buying
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Author: mvd87 [ 28 Jan 2014, 07:07 ]
Post subject: Donations / Item and Gold buying

hey you all

a quick how to for the ppl who wanna help out or wanna buy in game stuff (or both)

to help us keeping the server up and the website some ppl donate to help us, it really helps since we are still here a year and a half later :)

this is the main donation page for wow: ... onate.html

type the url in your brower, or click it here and click skip add in the upper right corner on the next webpage)

use the donate button if you just wanna help out on making the project bigger and bether or just because you like it here :)

use the buy button if you wanna buy items or in game things like gold etc etc
(if you wanna know the prizes a bit then let me know by sending me a email or forum pm, emailadress is: )

basicly its not really buying cause i will give the option to get things to ppl that donate to help us out also,

its more a you help us we help you back in game thing to make sure we all get something for helping each other out.

thanx already for helping out and lets aim for another year and a half at least :)

thanx you all and have fun

Author: mvd87 [ 28 Jan 2014, 07:12 ]
Post subject: Re: Donations / Item and Gold buying

And for the paypal users do this:

you can always use the donation site but then paypal will take a cetain % of the donated money.

so for paypal users its easyer and bether to pay from inside paypal.

go to make payment tab above, the one next to the my account tab

pay to:
amount: what ever you want :)

then click make payment to a friend, not i pay for services or supplys,

this way paypal wont take any % from the ammount you send

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